Counter for School Uniform and Stationery

To provide the students with the school books, to take care of the students need of stationary items which they generally require a stationary counter is there, opposite to the bank counter The adjacent to the stationary counter there is a uniform counter catering to t he uniform demand in both summers and winters.

Extension Counter of Punjab National Bank

The counter of PNB is a facility for the students and the parents for submitting fee without any hassle. It is also a comfort for staff as they can conduct their monitory transactions at the counter. The counter caters to the students, parents and teachers during the school hours.


The new school canteen is located in the basement of the new block. It has a pleasant atmosphere and provides a range of fresh and healthy snacks. The other regular confectionery items are also available at the counter. Fruit juices, soups and lemon water are also available for the students for the convenience of the junior students a stall is also put up in the courtyard of the junior block during the break-time. As a disciplinary measure the students are allowed to visit the canteen only during recess and after the school gets over.


The school has a tie-up with the eminent Sharda Hospital to provide medical care and attention to the students in case of injuries and minor ailments. The school clinic is quite spacious and very well ventilated. It has medical beds and is well-equipped with generally required drugs and medical equipment. A doctor and a well-trained nurse from Sharda Hospital attends to the students requiring medical attention in the clinic, during the school timings. However if the child is unwell the parents must avoid sending him/her to school.