Safety Measures: Nursery - XII

Dear Parents,

Safety and security of students and their well being, is the greatest concern of parents and the school authorities. Therefore, we would like to share the security measures, which have been adopted by the school to provide a safe environment for your children:

  • The entire boundary wall of the school is covered with concertina wire mesh and broken glasses on the walls to restrict any infiltration.
  • Almost all the blocks - academic and admin are under CCTV surveillance, which is being further enhanced. As a matter of principle, no CCTV are mounted inside classrooms
  • Identity cards are being issued to every person who is employed through an outsourced agency such as Canteen, Housekeeping, transport and Horticulture.
  • I- cards are being issued to every visitor to the school.
  • For enhanced security provisions of the students, students have been issued Radio Frequency Identification enabled identity cards (RFID) are in use since March 2017, under the supervision of the DPS Society.
  • It is a regular practice in the school of monitoring movements of students by teachers. Also, they are being instructed to be alert and careful through the PA System and school assemblies.
  • School staff has also been sensitized regarding their roles and responsibilities. Also the areas restricted for the entry for Class - IV employees, conductors and drivers are being reinstated.
  • Constant vigilance by the Senior faculty of the school.
  • Metal detectors are being installed both at 2 & 3 gates and the non-functional ones have been removed.
  • Police verification of all the employees including outsourced staff of the school is one of the recruitment condition. It is further being carried out with all emphasis. Many of the I-cards are getting vetted again.
  • Buses which are owned by the school are ýellow’ in colour. Those which are hired have "ON SCHOOL DUTY" written on them, as per the instructions of the transport department.
  • Buses are fitted with cameras along with GPS systems. We are thankful to the Teacher Bus I/Cs for escorting and keeping an eye on all students, while commuting.
  • Mobile connectivity with the school reception while the students are on board is an additional measure. First aid boxes have been kept with all the responsible people in addition to the school clinic.
  • There is a committee and also student’s Council groups, on vigil to see the hygiene and sanitation condition in and around the school canteen and the dining area.
  • Boards declaring the school and its surroundings as the tobacco-free areas are put up.
  • Regular fumigation and spray is done in the school.
  • Time - to - time sessions with students in larger group and smaller group - age specific and gender specific, are being held in the school to educate our young children, adolescents as well as grown-ups on good and positive behaviour and safeguard themselves from any such misconduct by anyone.
  • As per the dreams of our Prime Minister of "Clean Bharat", children are educated about the need of safe and clean environment.
  • Students are also given lessons of self discipline by involving them in Scouts and Guides, NCC and Yoga exercises and more session on self-defence are being planned
  • Circulars to the parents have been sent from time to time to make aware of their ward’s safety on roads, by not allowing to drive / ride a scooty without helmet / without a valid license
  • Similarly, wake-up calls are made to save the students from the social media, cyber related unfortunate incidents.
  • The boards with the traffic rules and restrictions as per the SSP, Gautam Budh Nagar, have been put up for all to adhere to.

Your feedback is also solicited.