Music and Dance

Playing gives to the body what reading gives to the intellect. Academic excellence is well balanced with the pursuit of sports like Swimming, Taekwondo, Athletics, Horse riding, Gymnastics, Yoga and specialized training in a number of games including Tennis, Football, Basketball, Cricket and Table Tennis.A 400 m Athletic track and an impressive Lawn Tennis court are the school's pride, apart from 2 large and well maintained swimming pools. Young champions of the school have been on a winning streak in prestigious competitions organized by CBSE and DPS society and have made a mark at the state and the national levels in Swimming, Tennis and Football, holding a great promise for the future.


The musical talent of students is explored and honed in various genres of Indian and Western Music. Training in Vocal Music as well as Instrumental Music form part of the students repertoire.

Dance - Joy Unconfined

The vibrant energy of students finds creative outlet in dance. Students are introduced to awide spectrum of dance forms-ranging from Classical forms of Indian dance to foot tapping variations of the Western form.