"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn,"said - Benjamin Franklin.

DPS Greater Noida`s curriculum provides Co Scholastic activities to nourish the talent of students through different activity clubs. It gives them a platform to hone their hidden talent and develop it.

Art and Craft Club:
Maximum numbers of students enrol in this club to learn interesting handicrafts. The activities undertaken by the club members are environment friendly. Old old newspapers, old magazines, CD`s, straws etc. are used create a work of art. The Art Club not only tries to inculcate a healthy and artistic space for creative imagination but also promises to provide the best platform to the enthusiastic learners.

Cooking without Fire Club:
Children learn to make a wide variety of dishes like fruit chaat, sandwiches, papri chaat dahi-gappas, bhelpuri, choco cookie crunch, samolina coconut ladoos and many more. They also learn to garnish their dishes and present it. Both boys and girls enjoy the basic of cooking right from their young age.

Fun with Computer Club:
This club provides the right platform for students to be tech savvy.Various programs are taught at different levels, to keep kids in sink with technology.

Chess Club:
Chess helps in the development of the mind. As a sport, it requires lot of mental strength. Students are introduced to various levels of the game, on the basis of their performance.

Dramatics Club:
"Dramatics Club is one of the most happening club. Students learn not only the use of facial expression, but also to express the inner feelings of character, through body language. For, acting is behaving truthfully under an imaginary circumstances. ".

Foreign Language Club:
This club familiarizes young students with simple greetings, numbers, names of animals and birds and family members in different foreign languages.

The club includes various activities like origami making, songs, folk stories, role-play and playing with traditional toys to make learning effective and draws many keen learners to actively be part of this club.

Maths Club:
The Maths Club /Ramanujan club enhances the mathematical skills of students and makes them efficient in solving puzzles . Activities like pyramid making, missing numbers, Coding - Decoding, Sudoku etc. are taken up to create enthusiasm among Maths lovers. Activities like pyramid making, missing numbers, Coding - Decoding, Sudoku, Mathdoku etc. were taken up to create enthusiasm among Maths lovers.

They learn 3D shape with the help of straws and clay, made Rangoli with the help of multiplication tables, patterns with shapes and numbers,etc.

Public Speaking:
The Club grooms students in oratory skills.Presentation in a board room, speech in front of an assembly, youth parliament or even a simple announcements on PA system, requires good public speaking skills.

The students of this club are trained with this objective in mind at DPS Greater Noida with this objective in mind. Several members of this club can be seen presenting School`s Annual Day Function, taking part in debates ,declamation etc.

Science club:
This club provides an opportunity for development of scientific temperament amongst the students It offers an open window for the day to day observations and experiences of science in the students very own surrounding.

Students of this club are given hands on experience in performing several scientific activities and experiments The club inspires green crusaders to play their role in taking care of nature.

Skating Club:
Rolling out on skates has turned out to be one of the most popular club with a huge strength. The students learn various versions of skating like roller skating and inline skating and then moving on to speed skating, inline speed skating and freestyle slalom skating. It is a perfect amalgam of sport and recreation.

Book Club:
Member of Book Club were encouraged to share books, experiences and feelings after reading a book, They read and discussed various books . The Club through rich school library offered the member a collection of wide variety of books. They were encouraged to learn new vocabulary and use them in their daily language.

Music and Dance:
The students of this club start with the basics of music and dance. As they progress into club activities they develop fine motor skills,leading them to put up spectacular presentation on stage to enthral their audience at large. Speciality of this club is to compose original pieces in vocal, instrumental and dance.

Scout & Guide:
The Club has the largest number of members.It develops skills such as positive values, community involvement, physical fitness, personal growth, self-reliance, teamwork and encourages students to be active outdoor.

Attending the Guides or Scouts Camp helped the students to build resilience against common stresses in life. Children enjoyed these activities.These activities are also the components of their non-academic curriculum.

Quiz Club:
Quizzing is the art of intellect. G.K. contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole. With this aim in mind the club develops students talent in quiz and creates an opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills.

The club by conducting various in house quiz programs, prepare students to participate in Inter school Quiz Competitions .

Taekwond, literally means "the art of kicking and punching" and teaches self-defense. Students of this club are trained to recognize situations in which physical self-defence may be necessary. They are taught how to take control if such a situation arises.

Yoga helps students to lead a calm and serene life. The various asanas strengthen muscles; breathing techniques, improve immunity and release stress. The students of this Club actively participate in Yoga throughout the year in school and outside too.

Students of this club actively participate in , walking, jogging, indoor cycling, and aerobic dance. It helps them in strengthening their body and be fit.